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Carla Riva Baby - For the ones you love the most
Carla Riva Baby Soothing Crème

Carla Riva Baby Hair Detangler is for babies, toddlers and children who need more than just a shampoo. Containing a range of essential oils for their therapeutic and healing properties, Carla Riva Baby Hair Detangler conditions the hair and gently removes any tangles as well as giving added protection from extreme climate.

  • Removes tangles
  • Conditions hair
  • Suitable for toddlers and children
  • Gentle Mandarin Citrus Fragrance

Children love the fragrance of this hair detangler and will end all struggles combing tangle out of their hair.

We're in the process of testing and developing
a new range with a stronger focus on eczema.

Should you wish to order current stock please
contact me on [email protected]

Key Ingredients Properties
Chamomile Healing & Calming
Calendula Anti-inflammatory
Henna Calming skin irritations
Mandarin Gentle Stimulant & Natural Fragrance
Carla Riva

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