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Carla Riva Organics Baby - For the ones you love the most
Carla Riva Baby Massage Oil

Carla Riva Baby Massage Oil contains a range of oils for their therapeutic and healing properties. Spending time with baby is important and gives you the chance to watch your baby grow and develop. Simple things such as bath time followed by a gentle massage with baby create harmony and bonding.

  • Non- greasy
  • Creates a special bonding time with baby
  • Mandarin Citrus Fragrance
  • Easy to apply and amount is controlled with a fine
    mist spray pump

A gentle formula for new-born babies or babies with sensitive skin made with more than 98% certified organic ingredients.

We're in the process of testing and developing
a new range with a stronger focus on eczema.

Should you wish to order current stock please
contact me on [email protected]

Key Ingredients Properties
Calendula Gentle stimulant
Chamomile Healing & Calming
Grapefruit Peel Oil Aids in healing skin ailments
Lavender Healing & calming to the skin
Mandarin Gentle Stimulant & Natural Fragrance
Sandalwood Soothes the skin, relieves it from inflammations
Vitamin E Soothing & Healing
Ylang Ylang Fights skin irritations
Carla Riva

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