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Here are some reviews about Carla Riva Baby Products, to read more of their comments go to:
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I want to send a big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on the products, it was such a lovely surprise to hear how much you all liked the products and to hear some of you who had eczema were able to heal this terrible ailment, makes it all worthwhile.
All the best
Baby Cleansing Bar
The free cleansing bar smells awesome and my hubby has taken it and claimed it for himself ( He is VERY picky when it comes to soaps/ shower gels, and commented on how nice it makes his skin feel, had a bit of a giggle about this ).
I absolutely love Mandarin scent and the Lavender and Chamomile really soften it so it’s a very subtle light inviting scent which is wonderful to use for baby. The soap is fantastic and can be used by all the family. I love my soaps and always try to buy handmade with natural ingredients and essential oils. This is now a favourite of mine.
This soap is very smooth and love the mandarin smell. I have three girls 5, nearly 4 and 8 months and it was great for all of them. The older girls loved the smell. They all have sensitive skin and all seemed to have no problems with it. So a thumbs up from us.
The baby cleansing bar is great if you prefer to use soap to wash. It cleans without drying out the skin and leaves it lightly fragranced
Your skin feels so smooth after showering and even Dad has commented on the lovely fragrance.
Baby Soothing Crème
The Soothing Crème is Lovely to apply to your baby after his bath on his little back leaves both of us happy as I have soft hands and he has soft skin :) LOVED this product as it isn’t a thick gluggy crème it’s smooth and doesn’t take effort to absorb into skin and again not greasy.
Organic Baby Calming Lotion
I used this after bath time and it’s a wonderful non greasy consistency with a gorgeous light scent. It definitely made my little ones skin softer and he drifted off to sleep quickly. Again great easy to use packaging.
The Organics Baby Calming Lotion is a great lotion for after bath massages. The scent helped my little one to drift to sleep with no fuss.
Baby Protective Balm
I started using this immediately after every nappy change. We’ve had hot weather lately so it’s important to make sure baby’s bottoms are protected from heat rash. The first thing I noticed was the lovely scent. The mandarin really is apparent but it’s not a strong scent, very mild and appropriate for baby. I much prefer these scents to the usual ‘baby cream' scents. The consistency of the cream is ‘medium’ for want of a better word. It’s between thin and thick and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands. The cream provides a nice barrier and is very pleasant to use. It comes in a flip top tube which is so easy to use when struggling with a rambunctious gorgeous little 13 month old at nappy change time.
My favourite would have to be the Baby Balm. Such a luxurious product to be smothering over a bum! I find it protects my son very well from nappy rash and leaves the area well moisturised and is not at all chalky like a lot of the zinc based products.
The Baby protective balm also worked wonders as my youngest had a touch of nappy rash and this cream did soothe and help heal it quickly. It too smelt great.
Baby Insect Repellent
The Insect repellent works an absolute TREAT! My son is very susceptible to mosquito bites... Easily applied and doesn't have a nasty strong smell to it, would purchase this on a continual basis.
With a gorgeous scent like this you will want to use this repellent every day. It’s fresh, lovely and seems to work to keep away the insects and best of all we all use it. Love the easy to use packaging.
Both my boys are absolute mosquito magnets and I have thoroughly enjoyed lathering them in the beautifully fragrant Insect Repellent to find that they have not received a single bite. It is not at all greasy and leaves such a fresh fragrance. This will definitely be replacing our other greasy, petro-chemical repellents.
The first product we tried was the Baby Insect repellent as everyone was suffering from mossie bites. I can't recommend this product enough. Not only did it stop the mosquitoes biting but it also relieved the constant itching of the bites received before the spray. When it's sprayed on it also leaves a gorgeous smell and it worked on everyone, babies to really old adults.
The first thing I noticed it didn't leave any stickiness, and the fragrance was beautiful, but didn't linger on the skin like other sprays..& it was comforting to read that it contains no DEET or any other synthetic insecticides and uses all natural ingredients.
Organic Baby Bath Wash & Shampoo
The baby wash and shampoo is beautiful leaving him soft and smelling just gorgeous! It makes bath time a calm pleasant experience with the lovely organic smell of grapefruit and chamomile.
I started using this immediately and just love the scent. The grapefruit is magic in this. The product washes hair and body really well. My little one doesn’t mind it at all and he smells a treat afterwards. This comes in a pump bottle which again is so easy to use with one hand.
The organics baby wash and shampoo all in one formula makes bath time easy as it comes in a pump action bottle smells great and leaves skin soft and moisturized. If using as a shampoo, it doesn’t built up too many suds which is a terrific thing when holding a squirming baby.
The Baby Bath Wash & Shampoo, is not overpowering, and you don't need very much & having 2 products in one is a bonus..loved the pump bottle.
I am a mum and recently shaved my head for charity. I tried the baby shampoo and conditioner for my very little hair as I thought it would be gentle for my sensitive scalp while waiting for my hair to grow back. I have to say that these products are amazing. My head feels in really good condition and the hair that is slowly growing back is soft and also in really great condition. These products are so gentle and smell wonderful too! I think that they could be used by the whole family and every bathroom should have Carla Riva products in them.
You must visit this website - you won’t be sorry. Debi
Eczema Comments
It is of great quality and doesn't leave a nasty sticky residue on your skin like most products, I suffer from SEVERE eczema all over my body which gets to the point where I am bleeding and have raw patches of skin, I tried the lotion and protective balm over a 3 day period and found that it had cleared it up quite significantly it soaks in fast also which is handy when you are having to handle a baby and not wanting to get products on clothing It makes it easy to apply as it takes literally seconds to quickly squirt it on and rub in.
All In all I would HIGHLY recommend this product and plan on purchasing these products on a regular basis; I encourage anyone who suffers with eczema to try it out.
Once again I LOVE this product line and am so appreciative to have been included in this wonderful trial, It was the best trial I have been in so far and would love to say that Carla Riva has made my life so much better as it has given me personally a better night’s sleep as it has nearly eliminated my eczema. THANK YOU once again fantastic fantastic FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
My eldest son suffers from atopic eczema and his skin has had no adverse reaction to any of the products.
I have had Eczema since I was a teenager and I have tried thousands of products and none of them worked, and I have eczema on my face, I'm sure you understand the pain it caused. I am a member of the Eczema Association and they included your baby lotion sample in the most recent magazine, I never expected anything from it, just as many different samples they have offered throughout the year, I just wouldn't think a baby lotion will do anything to my skin. There's only two very small packet sample, I tried them on my face for the past two days and boy how wrong was I, I cannot believe the difference it made already.My face stopped itch and felt much smoother as well. It was absolutely amazing.This is the best Christmas present.
Carla Riva's 'Baby Soothing Crème and Baby Protective Balm' are wonderful products. I tried the 'Baby Soothing Crème on my rough, dry elbows. The crème tingled initially but after 5 minutes I could feel this difference. The crème has a beautifully subtle citrus scent also. I then tried the 'Baby Protective Balm' which suited my skin best. It has a thicker consistency which my skin requires being so dry it just drinks moisturisers up.
I tried the protective balm on my baby's bottom too. He smells so fresh!
F Cole

Dear Carla Riva
I was recently given your range of baby products as a gift from a friend for my new baby girl LuLu. About 4 months after the birth Lulu developed a bad case of eczema. I went to the doctor but there was not much they could do. I spent $100’s on very expensive products that made no change to Lulu’s skin and I felt so helpless not knowing what to do.
The friend who gave me your range suggested I try it as she had known this had worked before on another baby who had eczema. As I had tried everything else I was left with little choice. To my amazement the Carla Riva baby bath gel soothed her skin and healed the eczema.
I had no idea this product would be so wonderful, we’ve never stopped using Carla Riva and I’ve told all my friends it’s the best thing we’ve ever tried.
LuLu hasn’t had eczema since and we are all (especially LuLu) very happy.

Other Comments
I am so glad to see a baby range on the market with natural ingredients safe for the whole family to use which include the most gorgeous essential oils. The flip top tubes and pump bottles are very innovative to ensure minimal fuss when using and the packaging is a delight. Very fresh, natural colours and the illustrations on the packaging are gorgeous. My little one wanted to play with the box.
In summation – I’m very happy with the Carla Riva products and will be purchasing from this brand again.
I am writing to you just to a big thankyou for your wonderful Carla Riva products. I started using them on my son when he was 4 weeks old, as he had dry skin & baby eczema and also cradle cap.Only after a few days I saw change in his skin – especially his face which was once dry, flaky & spotty was now returning to his baby soft skin. Also his stomach and ankles – redness & dryness started disappearing.Now at 5 months his skin has remained smooth & soft and I am positive it is your cream that has helped reduce and keep at bay, his baby eczema.Your shampoo is equally as wonderful, once again his cradle cap reduced significantly over the first few weeks of using it and in now non-existent, when all the other babies his age (in my mothers group) still suffer from it. I have been recommending your brand to anyone that will listen.Your Baby Balm and Bath Gel are also so gentle to use. I am so grateful that I received your products as a gift and I will be continuing to use them.Thank you again, from a very satisfied mum
T Hughes
Dear Loretta
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sample your product range of “Carla Riva” baby shampoos and lotions.
I have found them to be of benefit to my son Johnny, though not a baby any more but a seven year old boy.
He has suffered with Childhood leukaemia and we have found the chemotherapy not only a trial but the demands of constant intravenous therapy very demanding upon his skin. He has suffered rashes and peeling making any sort of water therapy i.e. bath time very painful and unpleasant.
In using your products we found the barrier creams protective and gentle enough to put on his redden skin which was more than adequate for his pressure area care, due to the long periods in bed with hospitalisation. The bath gel was gentle enough not to make his peeling skin worse and did not cause any ophthalmic problems.
I would recommend your products to be used not only on infants but to any age group that has a sensitive skin type. The therapeutic benefits of your lotions including the lack of perfumes did appear to help decreased reddened areas from constant bed rest and also made shampooing a much more pleasant experience for the patient and the mother
Thank you again
Yours sincerely
Dr Jillian Hood
Anaesthologist – Southern Health CareM.B.B.S. (RCSI – Ireland)
Specialty in Pain Management
Flinders Private Hospital - Bedford Park SA 5042

Dear Ms De Simoni
I have recently started using your ‘Carla Riva’ range of baby products and I wanted to write to you and say how pleased I am with your products. I have a 10-week-old baby and like any new mother I am really hesitant about putting anything on my babies skin. All of your products are so gentle on his skin and we use them all on a daily basis.
Our favourite is the balm; I change so many nappies per day and its good to know that he doesn’t have the added discomfort of nappy rash thanks to the balm. I give him daily massages with the baby lotion (isn’t he lucky!), which he loves and I also use it as a lotion for my hands. The baby bath gel foams up well even in Adelaide water and has a lovely fragrance we both really like.
I have used the baby shampoo as well and the odd times that I have accidentally got it in his eyes, it hasn’t bothered him at all.
I’ve found the size of the product is excellent and all of them are excellent value for money and with a baby the cost of things really does matter!
I have recommended your products to friends of mine who are also new mothers and I’m sure they will be as happy with them as we are.
With many thanks and all the best with your range,
Your Sincerely
T Ryan
West Hindmarsh

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